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Lakes of Uzbekistan / Visit Seas, Rivers and Lakes of Uzbekistan

Lakes of Uzbekistan. Major lakes in Uzbekistan - Aydar lake, Urungac, Aral Sea, Charvak lake. List of Main lakes of Uzbekistan

Being far from the Seas Uzbekistan has very unevenly shared water resources in its territory. Some of its regions have huge water resources and some have serious shortage of water. The drought of the Aral Sea is seriously accelerating the water issues in the country. This ecological disaster has tremendously changed the nature of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The 4th biggest lake of the planet – the Aral Sea has lost nearly 90% of its water.

Uzbekistan Urunghach Lake  uzbek lakes centasia

 Due to little country of rain and snows the last years the water of small rivers and streams are evaporating without reaching the lakes. And all of these lakes which are receiving no or few water are about to be indistinguishable from the outer land with no water. In most of the lakes of Northern Uzbekistan the level of salinity is incredibly increasing.

The government of Uzbekistan is gradually minimizing the hectares of cotton fields which means that from year to year Uzbekistan's lakes will have more water of raining flowing in. Which means that, visitors of Uzbekistan will ling time be able to admire the fantastic colors of Sunrise and Sunset by the lakes.

Most Popular Lakes of Uzbekistan

The popularity of lakes in Uzbekistan depends on what the visitor wants to experience because some of the lake are good for vacationing, some for fishing and some are great just for seeing. Some of the main lakes of Uzbekistan are Charvak and Urungach lakes in Tashkent region, Aydarkul lake in the region of Navoi and the Aral Sea. All of these lakes are visited by thousands of travelers yearly and all of them offer different kinds of touring activities.

Best Uzbekistan lakes for swimming and holidays

  1. Charvak is the #1 Uzbek lake for weekends and swimming. Located 100km far from Tashkent. A day trip to Charvak is a great idea for gong far from the city noise and having a wonderful leisure time. Best time to go to Charvak is May-August.
  2. Aydarkul is great place for swimming, fishing, camel riding and living a nomadic life in traditional Kazakh yurts. Best time to go to Aydarkul is April-October.

Best Uzbek lakes for fishing

90% of the Uzbek lakes are good for fishing but the most popular and biggest one is the Aydarkul Lake.

What are other popular lakes of Uzbekistan?

  1. Urungach Nephrite Lake is among the most popular Uzbek lakes which is great for hiking around, doing a picnic etc. Best time to go to Urungach Lake is May-August.
  2. The Aral Sea is doubtlessly the most known lake of all Central Asia. Aral Sea is a perfect destination for people who want to do safaris and trip to see the natural human-made disaster.

Best time to go to Aral Sea is between April and October

List of Main lakes of Uzbekistan

Aral Sea;

Aydar Lake;

Lake Charvak;

Sarygamish Lake;

Tuzkan Lake;

Tudakul Lake;

Akchakol Lake;

Arnasay Lakes;

Ayazkala Lake;

Batakol Lake;

Karateren Lake;



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