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Lakes of Tashkent | Uzbekistan Nature Travel Guide

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The lakes of Tashkent. Most beautiful lakes of Uzbekistan. Trip to Charvak and the Nephrite lake Urungach.

Urungach Nephrite Lake

This is a gorgeous place not far from the Uzbek capital Tashkent and is a great option for having a 1-day-trip far from civilization. Having a few hours hiking in this valley is really worth the effort.

Urungach is translated as “Bright Nephrite” and this is a beautiful valley with 2 different lakes – Small Urungach and Upper Urungach. During winter and cool months only the small lake is accessible and the Upper lake can be reached only during the hottest months of the year.

Above the small Urungach, the upper Urungach lake is 4 km away, which, unlike the smaller, never dries up, even in the hottest months. The surrounding landscapes, and the lakes themselves are strikingly different from each other. The upper lake has a more turquoise color of water and twice the size.

Facts about the Nephrite Lake Urungach

Altitude from sea level – 1227m

Surface – 38,2 km2

Average depth – 4,0m

Max. depth – 10,4m

150km far from Tashkent

Travel Activities in Urungach


Charvak Lake & Reservoir / Nature Travel Guide Uzbekistan

Charvak – Chorvoq is a beauty of nature, a lovely lake in the Mountains of Tashkent (100km) which is a good example that Uzbekistan is not only a destination for cultural visits but it can be a nice place for some leisure time.

 A Lovely Daybreak from Sunny & Noisy Cities

According to thousands of travelers Charvak lake is one of the MUST-See places in Uzbekistan. Its bluish water and the beautiful green mountains in the background can fill anyone’s eyes with excitement and feeling of satisfaction. Whenever you have an extra day in the end of your sunny-Uzbekistan-trip this is one of the places to be.

Charvak travel facts and tips

Charvak Lake is a wonderful place which fills your Uzbekistan Journey with lots of fun and sun but visiting the lake is only recommended if you are going to visit Uzbekistan during warmer months. From the end of May till the end of August it will be busy with people from all Uzbekistan and from a few different countries. All villages around Charvak have small hotels and guesthouses for receiving guests all summers.


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