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Intro to Uzbek Ceramics | CentAsia Voyages

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Ceramics of Uzbekistan. Ceramics of Samarkand, Bukhara and Fergana Valley. Places to buy ceramics and the ceramic workshops to visit in Uzbekistan.

Until 7-8th centuries all Uzbekistan and Central Asia lived as Zoroastrians and the amateurs of fire. This ancient religion of history accepted water, air, earth and fire as 4 main elements of the religion. And these four elements are used for making the ceramics. That is why during all history of Uzbekistan making ceramics was accepted as very important and divine art.

Thankfully, Uzbekistan still has masters of this craft and these blue plates with beautiful patterns, teapots, bowls, cups and vases are still bought with high demand in the country.

Different Ceramics in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has different schools/dynasties of ceramists and all of them have some unique styles which point them out clearly. Mostly, it is the color of the ceramics which change a lot according to regions.

Ceramics of Fergana Valley seem to be the most innovative and they have more varied decorations, colors and geometric forms.

Ceramics of Bukhara can be called as one of the oldest in the region and their main signature is reddish brown background color. Moreover, Bukhara is the region which preserves its ancient style s, patterns and colors more than anywhere else in Central Asia.

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Ceramics of Khiva have brilliant combination of white and blue colors which were among the main colors of Islam. The ceramists of this city have strictly followed the ancient, local colors and even on the portals of the monuments of the city you see exactly the same White & Brown colors.

Ceramics of Samarkand have reached their culmination by 7-8th centuries when the city was prospering as an important Silk Road destination. It these periods Samarkand had unique tradition of making ceramics mixing several Oriental traditions. In Uzbek museums one can even some ancient ceramic objects which look like dragons or legendary creatures etc.

Ceramics of Tashkent have also always been among the important ones. During the 20th century Tashkent started mass production of ceramics with patterns of cotton and cotton flowers which are still quite popular in Uzbekistan.

Where to Buy Ceramics in Uzbekistan?

Where to buy ceramic products in Uzbekistan is a very personal thing because the products are different in all regions. But our clients have mostly been deeply impressed by the ceramics of Fergana Valley. In Fergana Valley there is a Village called Rishtan. Rishtan is a village of ceramists. Actually this is one of the places where anyone can find something interesting and beautiful.

Uzbek Ceramic Workshops to Visit

The recommended ceramic workshops to visit in Uzbekistan are:

Gijduvan Ceramic Workshop of Abdulla Narzullaev and Alisher Narzullaev;

Rishtan Ceramic Workshop of Rustam Usmanov;

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