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Internet in Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan Trip Guide

Internet and wi-fi in Uzbekistan.

16+ million Internet user of Uzbekistan are enjoying  faster and cheaper internet from tear to year. The internet in Uzbekistan can not be called TOO FAST or TOO SLOW but it is reasonably good.

The Internet Providers in Uzbekistan

Individuals can have  3G and GPRS through Uzbek Mobile Companies like Beeline, UMS, Ucell or UzMobile and the main provider is EVO.

Is there Wi-Fi in Uzbek hotels?

Most of the hotels and Guesthouses in Uzbekistan  have free Wi-Fi service. And all guests can enjoy it free of charge. Note: in some small hotels Wi-Fi may be available only at the lobby!

Wi-Fi in Public Places in Uzbekistan

One can see progress in development of Free Wi-Fi in public places of Uzbekistan. Due to this the special Internet Cafes are disappearing all over Uzbekistan. In bigger cities you have it around main supermarkets. In Tashkent the public buses and most of the big restaurants and cafes in the other main cities have free Wi-Fi.

Can I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+  in Uzbekistan?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. can be used in Uzbekistan.

Buying an Uzbek Sim Card

Wifi in Uzbekistan



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