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Hungry Steppe – Mirzachol/ Nature of Uzbekistan

The steppe of Hunger, Mirzachol

The Hungry Steppe or Steppe of Hunger occupies some 10 000 km2 and lies mainly in Uzbekistan, on the left bank of Sir Darya with some part in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Travelers who cross the regions between Tashkent and Samarkand can see arid, dry land all around which are a part of the Steppe of Hunger.

From the south it has borders with Turkestan Mountains, on north and north-west it touches the Kyzylkum desert and on the west it reaches Fergana Valley.https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b8/Prokudin-Gorskii-18.jpg/220px-Prokudin-Gorskii-18.jpg

Due to its extreme climate only some specific plants and animals could survive in this steppe. Nearly 2000 years it has been as a natural barrier for the caravans traveling in Central Asia. But years of work and lots of efforts have turned this dead land into some 500,000 hectares of irrigated fields. Lots of canals helped bringing the water of Sir Darya to the steppe and it led to construction of several cities, towns and agricultural centers.

During 20th century the Soviets have tried to create cotton fields in this area and as a result we have now less extreme conditions in this place. Today, the steppe of hunger is famous for its vast melon and water melon fields.


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