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How much do travelling to Uzbekistan cost | Travel Costs

Uzbekistan tour price. Prices for guesthouses, hotels, guide, transport and food in Uzbekistan.

For lots of people on the planet Uzbekistan is totally unknown country and the country is not yet accepted as a dream destination for a good deal of people. But for the last years, due to some issues in Egypt, Syria… Uzbekistan could become an alternative destination with its superb architecture, friendly population and mostly with its peaceful life. Moreover, the cities like Samarkand & Bukhara are more than worth visiting. Price-wise also it can really be a place for planning a future voyage.


Let’s try to do a rough calculation for having an idea about 3 budget categories for a group of 2 people;


1. Comfort. 4* Hotels

Almost all important cities have proper accommodation for this type of traveling and the accommodation may cost around 65USD p/p in a double/twin shared room with breakfast. Eating in a good restaurant with international menu costs not far from 25-30 USD per day p/p and the other expenses (transport, guide, entrance tickets..) cost around 45 USD. So, 1 day budget for a comfort stay is around 135 USD.


2. Budget. 3* Hotels

This is the most popular style of traveling in Uzbekistan and it offers a huge option for accommodation. The hotels of this type are built in a traditional way and are great for experiencing a real local atmosphere. Accommodation: 35 USD p/p in a shared double/twin room with breakfast. Eating in good local restaurants: 15USD a day(lunch dinner). And with all extra spending 1 day budget will be around 95 USD.


3.  Economic. Guesthouse, B&B, 2* hotels

Best option for backpackers, students and adventure lovers who try to be off beaten paths. This type of accommodation is interesting for a family stay as these businesses are mainly family run businesses. It offers a very local hospitable welcome and approach. The cost of accommodation: 20 USD p/p in a shared double/twin room with breakfast. Eating near bazaars or smaller tea houses cost around cost around 9 USD. Total cost for one day together with transport, guide, entrance tickets to monuments is less than 75 USD. Or 30-35 USD a day for accommodation, meals and wandering around the city.


This small surveys shows that traveling in Uzbekistan can be as cheap as 35 USD a day or can be 135 USD and more for one day with all services included. And you can easily have an idea about the average cost of traveling in Uzbek land.

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