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Hissar range / Mountain Guide of Uzbekistan

Gissar mountains Uzbekistan.gissar range trip centasia

Hissar range is situated in the territory of Uzbekistan on the border with neighbor Tajikistan. Hissar is also called Gissar or Hisor Range. The Gissar Mountains stretches 200+ kilometers and is located on the south of the Zerafshan Mountains.

The territory of the Gissar mountains consists of two parts: Gissar State Reserve and Kitab State Reserve. The Gissar mountains has 2 main objects of world-known cultural heritage site:

  1. 860 meter deep natural cave, known as the cavern of Amir Temur (Tamerlane); the cave has the largest subterranean lake of Uzbekistan;
  2. Saint Kodja Davud Muslim pilgrimage site;

“Gissar Mountains is the unique territorial natural complex, which represents all the variety of ecosystems of western extremity of the Pamir-Alay mountain range. All the distinctive and rare representatives of flora and fauna of this region were preserved here.Combination of unique biodiversity with unique geological outcrop is not met anywhere.” - UNESCO

Facts about Gissar Mountains

The highest point of the Hissar Range is 643 meters (15233 ft).

Gissar State Reserve was founded in 1983; the territory of the reserve is 80986 hectares;

Kitab State Reserve was founded in 1979; the area of the reserve is 3938 hectares;


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