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Health and safety in Uzbekistan | Travel Tips

Health in Uzbekistan and travelers' safety in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan travel vaccinations, road and transport safety.

Health in Uzbekistan

As a former Soviet country Uzbekistan has free Health Care system. And the hospitals in Uzbekistan are free for foreigners as for locals.

Whenever a traveler needs a special medical treatment it’s advised to contact the doctors via a translator/guide, your travel agent or the hotel staff as the language barrier can be a serious problem. While calling the Ambulance to your hotel is absolutely free you may still need to pay for some medicaments that may be necessary for your treatment. Due to that, having a pro per medical kit can be very useful. For easier medical treatment travelers in Tashkent are recommended contacting the Tashkent International Medical Clinic or the embassy/ consulate of their country in Uzbekistan.

Safety in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is truly a safe destination to travel. There is no risk for solo travelers or women traveling alone. There is no special safety warning or tips for traveling in Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan the government and the local people understand pretty well that tourism is becoming one of the main sectors of the economy of the country and normally foreigners do not feel any aggression from the part of the locals or from the police. Like in any other country, in Uzbekistan also trying to show signs of wealth is not recommended.

Safety on Transport and Road Travel in Uzbekistan

Travelling with Uzbekistan Airways or Uzbekistan Railways is considered to be absolutely safe. Airports and train stations are safe and comfortable enough. In Railway hotels travelers may need to pay more attention for keeping their belongings safe as in these hotels normally 4-8 people are accommodated in the same rooms. Some people may sleep there only a few hours and every 3-5 hours new people arrive in the same room…

On the road travelers should take only licensed cars (White in Tashkent and Yellow in all other regions of the country). It’s not recommended leaving the belongings unsafe in a taxi while driving to long distances.

Uzbekistan vaccinations

A few weeks before going on every holiday travelers should visit their doctors. Visiting Uzbekistan does not require any special Vaccinations but anyway there are some risks which are common everywhere. It means that, in nearly all countries all travelers need vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid and travelers’ Diarrhea.

Vaccinations in Uzbekistan:

Hepatitis A

Recommended for all travelers


Recommended for all travelers


Recommended for travelers who have not received this immunization within the last 10 years.


Recommended if traveling in places with high risk for animal bites


Low Risk


Drinking Water in Uzbekistan

Prohibited Medicaments to Bring in Uzbekistan


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