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Fruits Vegetables and Dry Fruits in Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan Trip Guide

Rural Uzbekistan. Fruits, dry fruits, vegetables of Uzbekistan. Tours to the Rural Life of Uzbekistan.

The Legendary Oxus – Amu Darya is considered as the 2nd river of the world richest in minerals. All regions of Uzbekistan washed by the water of this river for thousands of years have become a perfectly fertile place for planting all possible fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan.

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What kind of fruits is not produced in Uzbekistan?

The tropical fruits can not be produced in Uzbekistan but they are also produced in special greenhouses. Some fruits and vegetables which require humidity do not grow in extreme dry weather of Uzbekistan.

The south of Uzbekistan, the region of Samarkand, Tashkent and Fergana Valley produce most of the fruits of the country. The other plain regions are more specialized in producing vegetables, melon and watermelons.

From the month of May fresh fruits start appearing in local bazaars and by September they will be abundant. September and October the fruits are cheaper and the Uzbeks start the wedding season right after the harvest season, as the prices are lowest.

Thousands of tons of agricultural products are exported yearly to different countries of the world and they sold successfully in International markets because Uzbekistan with other countries of the world has obtained awards for achieving the “Millennium Development Goals” in the area of food security by the Food and Agriculture organization.

Main importers if vegetables, fruits and dry fruits of Uzbekistan are Russia, neighbor Central Asian countries and China.

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Dry Fruits in Uzbekistan

The 320-day-sunshine is one of the major things which help Uzbekistan become one of the largest Dry Fruit producers of the world. Among over 20 varieties of dry fruits the production of Dry Raisins is the main specialty of Uzbekistan. The country is the reader at producing dry raisins among all Middle-Asian countries. This product covers half of dry fruit export volume of the country. Fergana Valley, Samarkand and Tashkent regions have the most fertile land which help them be the main Agricultural-Products-Creators of Uzbekistan. Every traveler in Uzbekistan can see abundant fruits & vegetables in the local bazaars all year round.

Agricultural / Rural Tours in Uzbekistan

“Agricultural trips in Uzbekistan” is a new type of tourism in Central Asia which is gradually developing as new travel product in the region. Uzbekistan-Rural-Travel-Programs can include an interesting combination of visits to the main tourist attractions of Uzbekistan with discovery of Oriental Gardens of Samarkand and Fergana Valley. The main destinations for such trips are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent and Fergana Valley.

What can a Rural Tour in Uzbekistan Offer?

  • Visiting the most wonderful monuments of Samarkand;
  •  Crossing the Red Desert and Steppes of Hunger to arrive in Bukhara & Khiva;
  • Walking in the endless fields with endless fruit gardens, fields with millions of melons and watermelons, participating in the process of “Drying Fruits”;
  • Contact with local people, cooking & eating with them.

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