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Free activities and visits in Uzbekistan | No Cost Tours

Free visits and tours in Uzbekistan. What can you do and visit in Uzbekistan free of cahrge. Which activities are offered free of charge to travelers Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva & Fergana Valley?

While Uzbekistan is inexpensive travel destination still enjoying some free tour, free activities is good enough and knowing about these activities or places is a big advantage. Here you will find some information about Free Visits in Uzbekistan and Free Tours in cities of Uzbekistan which is a way to Cheap Uzbekistan Travel:

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Free Tours and Attractions in Tashkent

  • First of all the main free attraction of Uzbekistan like every other oriental country is the traditional Bazaar. These are the MUST GO places in Uzbekistan and in Tashkent you can choose one of the bazaars – Chorsu Bazaar or Alay Bazaar;
  •  Apart from this you have a free access to the architectural complex “Khastimam” which has the most brilliant Silk Road Architecture of the city. In this place there are several mosques, mausoleums and minarets and you only pay if you visit the museum of Koran in the center of the ensemble;
  • Madrassah Abulkasim is another freeentering monument of the city;

Free Tours and Attractions in Samarkand

  • The Factory of Samarkand & Bukhara Silk Carpets promises you a wonderful visit free of charge instead you can have free tea with sweets;
  • The travelers who decide to do some wine tasting in the “Khovrenko” Samarkand Winery factory can visit the winery museum of the factory free of charge;

Free Tours and Attractions in Bukhara

  • Bukhara also has a few freeto-enter monuments and sites and the first is the Chor Minor which is a unique monument with its four small minarets on each side. Entering the monument is free but the travelers are asked to pay if they want to go upstairs to the dome;
  • Lots of Caravanserays and all workshops of the city can be visited free of charge;
  • The Synagogue in the old city is free to enter but you may want to leave something in their charity box;
  • Tim Abdullakhan and Madrassa Modarikhan and Madrassa MirI Arab can be visited free of charge. Note: the last one is still an Islamic school and for not disturbing the students the visitors are only asked to go inside the main portal without entering the courtyard;
  • Sardoba Raboti Malik” on the road Samarkand to Bukhara (vice versa) is free to visit;

Free Tours and Attractions in Khiva

  • In Khiva you buy one ticket for the whole city and you do not need to pay individually for each monument which makes it become the cheapest among main cities of Uzbekistan. But you can still enjoy beautiful sunrise or sunset at no cost if you walk on the city walls late at night or early in the morning;

Free Tours and Attractions in Fergana Valley

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