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Flora and Fauna of Uzbekistan / Nature Tour Guide

Flora and Fauna of Uzbekistan. Endangered animals, birds, reptiles of Uzbekitan.

Being a land covered with mountains, deserts, steppes, valleys, lakes and rivers Uzbekistan boasts for nearly 4000 species of vegetation and about 20 percent of them are the plants that can only be found here.

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The mountains of Uzbekistan are covered with various sorts of trees, bushes grass. The desert flora of Uzbekistan is quite diverse. Even if the main vegetation of the deserts of Uzbekistan compounds of Saxaul and Tamarix anyway they have a good number of species of plants. There are 8 endemic plants in the deserts which are protected by the state.

Fauna of Uzbekistan include a great deal of animals like: wolf, big-eared hedgehog, vixen, hare - toloy, tortoise, djeyran, saygak, wild boar, spiral horny billy-goat, mountain sheep, badger, stone marten, bear, snow leopard, ermine, Siberian mountain billy-goat, lamellitoothed rat, jacal, Bukharan deer; Reptiles (heccons, agama, sand boa, arrow-snake, Central Asian cobra; Birds shrike, mountain finch, bunting, lentil, grand turtle-dove, black griffon, lammergeyer, bearded vulture, pheasant, cuckoo, yellow wagtail, magpie, black crow, southern nightingale…

Endangered Animals of Central Asia and Uzbekistan

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Hunting activities in the whole world are doing damage to the inhabitants of the nature and this has showed its consequences in Uzbekistan too. For example, the Turanian tiger and the cheetah population in Central Asian forests and deserts have been completely killed. Populations of leopards, tugay deer (Cervus elaphus bactrianus), gazelles - Jayron, the snow leopard, ibex are now endangered and some are close to disappear in the region and they can only survive in special state reserves.


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