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Drinking water in Uzbekistan | Uzbekistan Travel Tips | CentAsia Voyages

Drinking water, tap water in Uzbekistan. Water in Uzbekistan for travelers

Drinking water is always one of the major things to have while visiting a foreign country. Due to that while planning a trip most of the people confront with the question of Drinking Water Issues in Uzbekistan like:

Is Tap water good for drinking in Uzbekistan?

Will there be problems is getting healthy drinking water in Uzbekistan?

Beginning of extreme culture of cotton in Uzbekistan in the 60s caused one of the biggest disasters of the history of humanity – the drying up Aral Sea. At the same time due to the problems of the Aral Sea Uzbekistan is now facing difficulties in obtaining water resources. Despite the government of Uzbekistan is investing a lot in water supply and sanitation system in Uzbekistan, anyway travelers in Uzbekistan are recommended not to drink tap water in hotels. Fortunately, inexpensive cost of the bottled mineral water in Uzbekistan somehow helps overcome this difficulty.

All Uzbekistan hotels and main restaurants chosen by CentAsia Voyages have water purification systems and travelers do not need to worry about this issue and there will be no problems in brushing teeth with the faucet water in hotels. Travelers are only advised to have bottled mineral water for drinking during their trip.



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