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Coffee in Uzbekistan / Coffee Prices, Places in Uzbekistan

Coffee in Uzbekistan. Best coffee houses and place to drink coffee in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva & Tashkent. Price for coffee and drinks in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has always known tea as the main drink but it is true that nothing remains unchanged and the Uzbeks are starting try and discover new tastes. Coffee is one of these new trends in Uzbekistan and if a few years ago the country only had Nescafe or similar products, now some hotels and restaurants are offering good high quality coffee. Though travelers are asked to be ready to have only Nescafe (or similar) in places remote from tourist areas in Uzbekistan.

In tourist areas of Uzbekistan one can see lots of signs indicating the places to drink “Cappucino, Americano, Espresso …”

Is there Coffee in Uzbekistan?

Yes, there is coffee in Uzbekistan which is imported from different countries. Actually, Uzbekistan is a tea country and the local people drink tea all the time whereas drinking good coffee is just becoming a new trend. Most of the good hotels offer good coffee for breakfast but still in some of the smaller hotels travelers may expect different varieties of Nescafe in the mornings.

How much is Coffee in Uzbekistan?

Nescafe, naturally, costs very inexpensive and can be found more or less in all restaurants. Americano or Espresso can be found only in good restaurants (especially in tourist cities) and in a good Coffee Shop they cost 1-2 US Dollars.

Best Places to Drink Coffee in Uzbekistan, Recommendations

Where to drink Coffee in Samarkand?

“Art Café”, next mosque Bibikhanum: Restaurant “Oriental Sweets”

Tip: if you want to find coffee in Samarkand you are recommended to go to the Tashkent street between the Registan place and Bibi Khanum mosque where you will have some options to get the best coffee of Samarkand.

Where to drink Coffee in Bukhara?

“Café Wishbone”, “Segafredo”, “Lyabi Hauz” Restaurant

Finding good coffee in Bukhara is quite easy. Almost everywhere in the old city you will find restaurants and special Coffee Houses which offer a big variety of coffee like: Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Double Americano, Cappuccino, Cappuccino Grand, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate…

Where to drink Coffee in Khiva?

“Café Terrassa”, “Farrukh” Teahouse

Khiva is the best and simplest city for everything – for visiting, eating as well as for finding a nice place to drink some good coffee. Nearly every restaurant in Khiva can propose you coffee.

Where to drink Coffee in Tashkent?

Ecorrn, Bon, Cafeissimo

Tashkent is the biggest city of the country and though there’s a huge list of places to get coffee, for independent travelers it may get difficult to find a coffee house. The best option is drinking getting advantage of the Coffee shop in the museum of Applied Arts.

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