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Chatkal Mountain Range / Green Travel Uzbekistan

Mountains of Uzbekistan. Facts and tour activities in the Chatkal mountain ridge. Uzbekistan Eco destinations

Chatkal ridge uzbekistan tripChatkal Range surrounds most the Fergana Valley and is considered as one of the main ranges of Western Tien-Shan Mountains.

The flora and fauna of the Chatkal Mountains vary a lot according to the altitude. This difference makes the Chatkal Mountains a very gorgeous place with combination of waterfalls, high empty hills, lakes, rivers and amazingly thick forests. The mountain receives lot of rain and snow which fill the small rivers in crossing its valleys. It snows in Chatkal from November to late April and the glaciers can be seen on its northern slopes.

Travel activities in Chatkal Ridge

Chatkal, in Tashkent region is a popular mountain destination for locals and foreigners. The lakes and rivers in summer and higher-snowy parts in winter get crowded with mountain-travel seekers.

Chimgan and Bildersay are good traveler’s camps located in the Chatkal Ridge (about 120km far from Tashkent).

Facts about the Chatkal Ridge

Highest point – 4503m;

Mountain stretches 200 km;

In the territory of the Chatkal Mountains there is a “Chatkal Reserve”which protect the animals of the mountain. The reserve was created in 1960;

The area of the reserve – 21000km; extends about 25km and 12km wide;

Chatkal has 1004 species of grass, over 200 species of medicinal plants and nearly hundred rare plants.

Chatkal is home for 18 species of rare animals which are protected by the state and are included to the list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature;

Some of the rare animals of Chatkal range – Menzbir marmots, snow leopards, black vultures, kestrels and brown pigeons;

The Mountain counts over 40 types of mammals, 5 species of reptiles, 2 amphibians and 5 types of fish as well as nearly 160 species of birds;

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