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Boysun Mountains / Festival Boysun Bahori

Boysun mountains and the "Boysun Bahori" festival in the south of Uzbekistan. The mountains and festivals of Uzbekistan.


The word Baysun or Boysun is a city which reminds the Uzbeks of everlasting traditions, untouched and unchangeable places, the land of most ancient folklore dance and songs as well as gorgeous landscapes all around for what in 2001 it  was included in the list of "Masterpieces of oral and nonmaterial heritage of humanity" by UNESCO.

The city of Boysun is located on the hills of te Boysun Mountain or Boysuntog which lies on the southwest of the Gissar Mountains in the south of Uzbekistan. The Baysun Mountain is as original as the city of Boysun for its rare and typical flora and fauna, well-conserved biodiversity etc.

“Significant concentration of elements of culture of the different historical epochs, which have kept in relatively small territory with rich biological variety, is the unique phenomenon, and has an universal value”, UNESCO.


Boysun Mountain and Boysun City Facts / Travel Activities

Highest point : 3100m;

Boysun is called the “Folklore Village” of Central Asia;

The festival “Spring of Boysun” continues attracting Folklore groups and visitors from the whole world regularly since 2002;

Boysun takes the travelers one step closer to the main Buddhist centers of Central Asia;

The Festival “Boysun Bahori”

boysun bahori

The folklore center of Uzbekistan, high hills, agreeable breeze, lots of traditional yurts and dance & music groups from all Central Asia.. These are all about the festival “Boysun Bahori” in Surkhandarya region in Uzbekistan.

In 2001, Boysun district was included in the UNESCO List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The festival “Boysun Bahori” has been first organized in 2002. After some interruption the festival is now being organized again with the participation of over 200 folklore groups of the region and “Boysun Bahori” in now pretending to be one of the main event of Spring in Central Asia.

Doubtlessly, the main purpose of the festival is to preserve the cultural heritage of the local people which has been transmitted from generation to generation for over 2 thousand years.

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