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Aydarkul Lake / Uzbekistan Nature Travel Guide


aydarkul Uzbekistan aidarkul uzbekistan

Tha Aydarkul lake. The major lakes of Uzbekistan. Facts and tour activitie around the Aydar lake.

The lake Aydar or Aidar is an artificially made lake. Located not far from the city of Nurata. The vicinity of the city to the lake permitted it to establish interesting projects for travelers. Now between Nurata and Aydarkul there are a good number of Yurt Camps which offer camel riding, swimming in the lake, enjoying local food and sleeping in nomadic tents.

The way how the lake has been created is rather interesting. The place where the Aydar lake has been formed was a dry land and between the years 1969-70 the dam which was built for controlling the flood in Sir Darya river was not capable to handle the violent water flow and the water was directed to the Arnasay lowland where the Aydar Kul appeared. During these years more than half of the annual flow of the Sir Darya and filled the Arnasay lowland. Slow by slow this has created the second largest lake of the country after the Aral Sea.

Gradually when the Aral Sea was disappearing, another big lake was being formed in another part of the region. This fact has made lots of species of birds migrate from the Aral Sea to the Aydar Sea.

Facts about Aydarkul Uzbekistan

 Aydarkul is 15km(9.3mi) wide and 250km (160mi)long;

Area of Aydar Lake is 4000km2;

Fishing capacity of the Aydar lake is about 1500 tones of fish yearly;

Types of fish in Aydar: Sazan, Pike perch, Bream, Cat-fish, Hzereh, Chehon, Opidian fish etc.;

Location: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan;

About 2000 people live in small villages near the Aydar lake;

Local names of Aydar are: “the lake in the sands”, “the turquoise lake”;

Altitude from sea level is 247m;

Tour activities in Aydarkul Uzbekistan

Fishing, camel riding safaris, swimming and yurting.

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