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Terms of use

Terms of use of the information on our website


You are kindly requested to read carefully the terms of use of Website materials. All the visitors and Website users are required to follow them. If you use the website materials, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these rules.

1. Rules of the Website content use

1.1. Use of any information posted on the Website, including elements of design, textual information, graphics, pictures, scripts and programs, and obtained by you solely for your personal and non-commercial use, is permitted under condition of reservation of all authorship signs or other notifications of authorship, author name and the work content should remain unchanged.

1.2. If you copy and post our materials on other websites, you are requested to follow only one requirement - any material should be referred to our website through an active hyperlink.

• Each page of your website containing our materials should have an active link to our website;

• You can choose any text for your hyperlink referred to our website;

2. Private information use

Company is obliged not to collect any personal information about you while you use the website, unless you provide it voluntarily by any means. The company is due to use the information given by you for a specific purpose only. The company keeps this information as well as relevant correspondence in its archives. The company is obliged not to disclose the information to non-associated third party unless it is required by Law. By means of your personal data sent by you to our company through the website you agree with the Company's use of this information.

3. Restriction of the Administration responsibility

Under no condition the website administration or its representatives are responsible before you or any third party for any indirect, occasional and unintentional damage including loss of profit or of data, harm to honor, dignity or business reputation caused due to use of the website, content or other materials obtained by you or third party through the website, even if the administration had warned or notified you about it.

4. Conclusions

4.1. The present Terms form an agreement between you and the Administration regarding the Website and its services use as well as they replace all the previous agreements concluded between you and administration.

4.2. If one or several rules of the present Terms are invalid or out of legal operation for some reason or other, other Terms are still valid and applicable.

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